General Gas Detection

TQ Environmental supply systems to a wide range of industry sectors including chemical plants, offshore applications, boiler house and refrigeration plants, water treatment works, tunnels and former landfill sites. Our fixed monitoring systems are designed to withstand extreme conditions, providing the operator with total system confidence and ease of maintenance. Our Application section can offer further suggestions for your industry but if you have a specific process in mind then please consult the options below, or contact our technical department.

Point detection and control panels

For smaller applications or where a fast response is required the TQ range of control panels and point detection sensors can provide a solution for almost any application. The 4 point TQ 4000 control panel offers all the advantages of the larger TQ 8000 but in a more cost effective package. Multiple alarm levels, common, individual or zone alarms as well as industry standards 4-20 mA and MODBUS outputs for remote monitoring. The versatile TQ 8000 is a 1-8 channel control panel, expandable to 16, 32, or 40 channels when required. In addition to all the features of the TQ 4000, the TQ 8000 has a full remote repeater facility or even a printer output for marine applications.

The range of TQ 122 Flammable and Toxic sensors, covers almost every environment where Flammable, Toxic or Oxygen depletion monitoring is required. These cost effective Catalytic or Electrochemical technology devices offer proven reliability and configured as 2-wire 4-20mA transducers can be interfaced with all TQ control panels and third party control systems.

Our growing range of Infra-red sensors offers extended life expectancy and maintenance intervals. These highly stable devices are less sensitive to cross contamination with other gasses and are available with protective guard or duct and bulkhead mounted options. The GD129 range is dedicated to flammable gas monitoring in both the % LEL and Volume ranges. The GD133 is our Carbon Dioxide Sensor available in 0-1% or 0-5% volume. The GD131 is a refrigerant sensor that can be calibrated for virtually any of the HCFC, HFC family of gases, with a nominal range of 0-1000 ppm.

Sampling Systems

For many years TQ Environmental has manufactured sampling systems for both the marine and industrial markets. Incorporating our Infra-red detectors these systems offer very reliable and cost affective operation. The TQ family of sampling panels has many applications. The TQ 4400 is a dedicated Marine detection panel, with the TQ 4300 and 4200 offering gas detection to industry and retail applications.

The TQ 4300 can incorporate from 1 to 4 individual sensors and monitor from up to 16 sample points, monitoring for each of the 4 separate gasses simultaneously. With a full 16 zone alarm relay output card and MODBUS enabled for remote monitoring this is a very versatile monitoring system. Flammable, CO and O2 sensors can be fitted for bulk storage monitoring. CO2 and Freon sensors for refrigeration applications or Flammable, H2S and O2 sensors for Water treatment works. With many more gas combinations available this is a very versatile system. Please contact our Sales or Technical department for more information or if you need extra features such as water removal or extra filtration of fine particles in proposed samples.

The TQ 4200 is a dedicated Refrigeration Leak Detection system incorporating a purpose designed Infra-red analyser, that can hold the calibration values for many Freon gasses. This makes it very adaptable and can be used to monitor different refrigeration systems, containing different refrigerants simultaneously. Or an ideal choice when upgrading from R22 applications. Independently tested to an accuracy demanded for inclusion on to the Energy Technology List, as an approved detection system.

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